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With our HP Latex 360 printer we can make any length banner up to 64” in height and unlimited in length (we just completed a 40 ft banner for Oliver’s last month!) This printer is fast, efficient and has reliable, sharp and consistent quality. We are now offering a special on full-color banners with grommets in the size of your choice: 3’ x 6’ for $95 and 4' x 8' for $175. These durable 3M vinyl mesh banners are nearly half-off our original price when you mention this special. 

Banners are versatile, easily mobile and can be used again and again. Banners are unparalled when it comes to value and exposure. You can advertise on the side of your building without you banner being permanent, causing damage or getting destroyed by outdoor weather. Plus, our banners are recyclable and reusable, so you can dispose of your banner responsibly and sustainability. Feel free to drop off your outdated banners at our office at 1315 N. Dutton Ave., in Santa Rosa and we will donate it to a sustainable company that will re-purpose your banner and keep it out of landfills. 

*Some restrictions apply, customer must provide print-ready artwork, this ad must be mentioned in order to receive any type of discount, installation not included. Consultations are based on the discretion of the company and do not include creative advice or artwork.