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Garden Signs at the Sonoma Marin Fair

Sonoma Marin Fair, Garden Signs, printing, wide-format printing, digital printing, commcerical printer, signs, large signs, AJ Printing and Graphics and Wine Country Signs, coroplast signs, gardening, junior and senior gardeners, displays, memorial service signs, graphic design, graphic services, Sonoma CountyWhether you need something eye catching or something more professional and reserved, Wine Country Signs has the experience necessary to get your project done the way it should be. While we do projects such as traffic signs, decals, and construction site signs meant for advertising, we have also done projects for more personal and solemn occasions. Take our recent project for one of our long term clients Bonnie Black for example.

Greg Beedon from Wine Country Signs has been doing signs for Bonnie at the Sonoma Marin Fair for years. This year we had the opportunity to create garden signs once again for the junior and senior gardens, which we already had the templates for, as well as create a new sign for a special memorial garden. The memorial garden sign was for a young 16 year old boy who is now the only remaining member of his family. A beautiful memorial garden was recently created to honor his mother, father, and sister who have all passed away. This stalwart young man is a junior gardener at the fair, following in the footsteps of his mother who was a resident gardener there as, Sonoma Marin Fair, Sonoma County, cut vinyl, coroplast signs, large signs, small format signs, wide-format signs, printing, graphic design, graphic services, Wine Country Signs, AJ Printing and Graphics

For this project we used Cut Vinyl applied to Coroplast. These materials are both lightweight and durable, which works well for the outdoor gardens. These signs were made to last through outdoor conditions and bad weather. The memorial sign is temporary and will be replaced by a plaque in the future, but in the meantime we wanted to make sure it would last and continue to look great. The junior and senior garde

n signs are re-done every year for the new entrants at the fair. While these signs are simple, they are professional and add to the beauty of the gardens. We were happy for the opportunity to work once again with Bonnie at the Sono

ma Marin Fair and this incredible young man to help create something so wonderful.

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