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Our New Technology Sparks Innovation

As the printing industry moves forward, we are constantly expanding our abilities and investing in new technology to bring our customers the highest possible quality signs, banners, booklets, and more. At our shop in Santa Rosa, we here at AJ Printing & Graphics and Wine Country Signs recently purchased new machines that completely made our week! The newest additions to our family are the HP 360 Printer and the Graphic Wizard Perfect Binder.

Graphic Wizard Perfect Binder, binding, booklets, books, pads, wraparound cover, professional bound books, coated paper, offset paper, twin glue rollers, side glue, hinge covers, nipper, pneumatic clamp, Wine Country Signs, AJ Printing & Graphics, Santa RosaOur Perfect Binder and newly acquired HP Latex 360 Printer allow us to exceed our customers' expectations by creating professional bound books and unmatched resolution with our wide-format printing. Perfect binding, is “a type of binding that glues the edge of sheets to a wraparound cover.” Our Perfect Binder allows us to bind both thin booklets and large books without having to make any adjustments. The nipper and pneumatic clamp take care of this automatically for us, speeding the process up considerably. With this tool we can bind different types of coated or offset paper, some with unique oil and wax based inks. We can produce any professional project including pads, books, booklets and more with the twin glue rollers and side glue feature that creates hinge covers. This technology has so many features to help us make our products look incredible.


Wine Country Signs, AJ Printing & Graphics, Santa Rosa, signs, banners, printing, non-flammable, nickel free, environmentally friendly, 1200 dpi, HP Latex inksThe HP Latex 360 Printer can print up to 64 inches of high image quality with 1200 dots per inch, or dpi. That is some of the clearest and most advanced technology out there! Our new printer not only allows us to print sharper images, it also prints much faster. The signs and banners come out already dry and ready to go, which helps us increase our turnaround time so we can create large banners quicker than ever before. The HP Latex Inks are also non-flammable, nickel free, and more environmentally friendly – just one of the many ways the teams here at AJ Printing & Graphics and Wine Country Signs are trying to save our planet.


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