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Promote Your Event in Style

Planning an event can and will be time consuming, tiring, and sometimes very difficult when approached without a thoughtful marketing plan. Getting your marketing materials just right can give your event the professionalism it may need to drive participation. With summer approaching and event season creeping up we thought you would benefit from a couple tips on how to make a fun event into an unforgettable one.


Pick a Theme and Stick to It

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When it comes to marketing materials, it is best to start by picking a theme and a logo that fit together well. Signs should remain clear and concise so

your branding will be easily recognizable. Event signs, banners, or billboards should always stick with the same color schemes, fonts, and logos. This way your brand can be recognized even when advertised through various media platforms.

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Keep It Simple

You want to get the most out of your sign space, but signage shouldn't be overwhelming with too much information. Informational promotional materials such as brochures and signs should be easy to read. Banners should have an attractive, eye-catching image and display only the most relevant information. Billboards should have a catchy phrase or slogan that will be easy to remember. Your audience may only catch a quick glimpse of your marketing materials, so you need to make every moment count.


Find A Sponsor

Finding sponsors is always a great idea when planning an event. It is a great way to use their marketing resources, and usually all they want in return is a co-branding partnership. It's a great opportunity to network while helping pay for your event expenses. Make sure to include tickets to your event, of high quality - it's a great piece for branding as well as a tangible piece for your guests to remember your event. Make sure they are attractive and labeled with the location, time, date, and especially the logo for your event.

Signs and Printing at the Event

There is a lot of work to do promoting before your event, but signage at the event itself is just as important. Every station, plate, or area of your event space should be clearly labeled with attractive and informative signs. Our customers love our PVC and Alupanel signs and banners that can withstand inclement weather and usage over time. If you have an annual event, we can even adjust dates so you can use signs over again throughout the years.


AJ Printing and Graphics and Wine Country Signs have collaborated with the Sonoma County Fair, Sonoma County Barrel Auction, and Maker Faire to provide one-of-a-kind signage, just to name a few. We can help you promote and improve your event with high quality signage, reasonable timelines, and workable budgets. Whether you want a window graphic for your business or you need promotional materials like vehicle wraps and outdoor signs for a large event, we will help you through the entire process. Contact us and let us help you with your next professional marketing project.