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6 Types of Media Advertising

The best advertising and marketing doesn't rely on just one type of advertising. Using verious strategies can keep your audience interested and attract new clients. Be careful to use specific techniques that work with your companies' brand and message.

Image Advertising- Does not include a “call-to action” but highlights what you want your audience to know about your brand and associate with your company. Do you want to company to be associated with the local community? Use an image that creates that association such as a recognizable landmark or a symbol of local nostalgia. This is a great technique when you want to target a specific audience (i.e. male versus female, age, diversity or location).


Bandwagon Advertising- The traditional “they’re doing it so you should do it too.” Is your audience missing out on a trend? Then be the solution so they are not left behind. I.e. “everyone is switching to our product.”


Proof Of Performance (P.O.P)- Usually released after an event that solidifies your performance or role during that event. We’re you the largest selling company of your quarter, did you donate the most to the fundraiser? Highlight the performance of your company but do it subtly trying not to brag much in the process.


Testimonials- Potential customers tend to relate and trust companies that already have satisfied customers highlighting the benefits experienced by your company.  Use a credible source and someone who appeals to your target demographic.


Comparison Advertising- Points out why your product or service is unique and is used to compare against your competitors. Carefully not to poke at your competitors, mention them as being inferior but nothing more. If you don’t want to convey a competitive edge this method may not be best for your branding.


Topical Advertising- The is the typical “call-to-action” ad that asks for an audience to do something specific such as liking your social media, attending an event or watching a show. Usually these ads are used over short spurts of time and it is best to have multiples of these ads in order to spark audience interest before the “call-to-action” will occur. Opposite of Image Advertising.


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