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Greater Brand Exposure Through Vehicle Wraps

In a day and age where more and more people get their news online and viewers can easily change the channel, traditional forms of advertising such as newspapers and television commercials are quickly losing their effectiveness. While billboards and other alternative forms of advertising may work, the single most effective form of advertisement is transit, or mobile advertising on a vehicle. In other words, you get more impressions-per-view from a vehicle wrap than you do from a digital billboard these days.


Vehicle wrap, norcal bikesport, vehicle graphic, wine country signs, AJ Printing & Graphics, van, wrap, graphic, advertising, transit advertising, marketing, transit marketingAccording to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America's (OAAA) 2015 facts and figures, wrapped vehicles can generate up to 70,000 impressions each day. That's millions of views each year! Using a company vehicle without vehicle graphics puts a business behind its competitors and limits its exposure. Vehicle wraps and graphics are the most affordable form of advertising when you consider that they have the lowest cost-per-impression. Vehicle wraps are a form of advertising that literally pays for itself.


The OAAA also offers these statistics:

  • Media that targets drivers and passengers reaches over 95 percent of Americans.
  • 30 percent of people who view outdoor mobile advertising indicate they would buy based on an ad.
  • Vehicle wraps cost only 77 cents per Cost Per Thousand (CPM).


A vehicle wrap is not restricted like a billboard – it can travel on any road. A well designed wrap is also much more eye-catching than a billboard as it is within the line of sight of other drivers and passengers. A vehicle wrap can't be turned off or muted. Viewers can't change the channel. Vehicle wraps are constant, easy to see, and mobile, making them the ideal method of advertising.

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At Wine Country Signs and AJ Printing & Graphics in Santa Rosa, we would love to put your brand to work for you by helping you dress your vehicle up with a wrap. Now is the perfect time! Until the end of July new clients can enjoy 20% off their vehicle wraps - that's up to 500 dollars you could save.


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What is a Vehicle Wrap or Graphic?

Vehicle Graphics are high-resolution vinyl wraps that are directly applied on the exterior of your vehicle over the paint and often over the rear and side-rear windows.


What is CPM?

CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand. In other words, CPM is the cost per 1,000 advertisement impressions. With a CPM of 77 cents for vehicle wraps, that means you only pay 77 cents for every THOUSAND people who see your branding.


How Do I Design a Vehicle Wrap?

If you don't know where to start or you need help designing your wrap, we have a great team of designers here at Wine Country Signs and AJ Printing & Graphics in Santa Rosa who would be happy to help! Just contact us and we'll start working with you to get your brand on your vehicle.


Can Vehicle Wraps be Removed or Replaced?

Definitely! As your brand updates or your information changes, your vehicle wrap will need to change as well. However, we would caution against trying to remove the wrap yourself. Vehicle wraps should be removed by a professional so the paint and finish on the car is not damaged.


vehicle wrap, vehicle graphic, wrap, graphic, perforated vinyl, window wrapping, wine country signs, aj printing & graphics, printing, transit advertising, transit marketing, advertising, marketing, vanIs a Vehicle Wrap Safe For My Car?

Yes, as long as it is applied by a professional. When applied correctly, a vehicle wrap is like an extra protective coating for your car to help keep it safe. Any wrapping on the windows is on perforated vinyl so it doesn't inhibit your visibility. If you're still worried, you can opt for a vehicle magnet, which you can easily remove by yourself at any time. A vehicle magnet is a great option if you want to use a personal car for advertising at an event or only during working hours.