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Marketing Methods With Inbound Marketing Benefits

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Sarah Giometti from Provaro Marketing in Rohnert Park kicked off our new monthly podcast, “Marketing Your Small Business,” discussing everything from social media tactics to branding strategies and tips for event planning. Every month features a different expert who gives their advice to small business owners, as well as how you can make marketing work for your business. In this week's blog we discuss the rising influence of inbound marketing, but also the high demand for outbound marketing and the ways you can incorporate both into your marketing strategy.




Marketing Methods With Inbound Marketing Benefits

Before the widespread use of the internet, traditional or outbound marketing was the norm. Many companies still focus primarily on outbound marketing, but there are many benefits to incorporating inbound marketing – it goes hand in hand with your outbound marketing strategies.


What is the difference between outbound and inbound marketing? Outbound marketing is when you try to find customers by putting your company out in the public view with emails, calls, mailings, commercials, and more. Inbound marketing is geared towards providing valuable, easily-accessible information so potential customers will come to you – like with social media, networking, and email marketing. Inbound marketing is more subtle, but just as effective as outbound marketing, and when used together can produce unprecedented results for your company.

Inbound and Outbound: Better Together

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Outbound and inbound marketing may sound like opposites, but they are most effective when used hand in hand. Internet users have become more creative at avoiding traditional outbound marketing methods, so a subtler side to your approach can work wonders. AJ Printing & Graphics  and Wine Country Signs can help you complement your outbound marketing with inbound marketing information that will bring customers in and grab their attention.


Send out informative emails or newsletters so customers will visit your website to learn more. If your company can build up a reputation for reliable, trustworthy information, positive opinion of your brand will rise and drive business. Pair mailings and advertisements with links to your website and information that consumers would find interesting. Put your website on your banners or include a QR code on your tradeshow displays and signs.


Getting Your Name Out There

The most important thing with both inbound and outbound marketing is to make sure your customers know your brand. Stay consistent, whether you're printing a flier or making regular posts to Facebook. Make sure customers will recognize your logo and brand as one that gave them valuable information and a positive experience. If a customer searches for information and they wind up on your website, you want to make sure they know who you are when it comes time for them to buy! If you don't have a recognizable logo or if yours needs a facelift, there is a great graphic design team at AJ Printing & Graphics that would love to help you.


When you're planning your events or marketing strategies, make sure to consider both the outbound and inbound aspects. Our graphic design, mailing, and marketing services can all help you broaden your horizons and drive business, along with our many other printing and marketing services. Take advantage of the incredible technology available to your consumers and don't let your company fall behind in the marketing world.