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5 Reasons Why Printing Is Here To Stay

5 Reasons Why Printing Is Here To Stay...

Even in the Digital Age

With increasing images between social media, e-mail and everything online it seems as though things may be shifting for your marketing but here are five reasons why print will never disappear and you'll probably agree...


1. Print is attractive

There is nothing like seeing your brand and message in print. A photo has more clarity, better resolution and a tangibility that most find far superior than digital. A photo is great online but can be unforgettable when placed in your hands.

2. Print is credible

Print has been around for hundreds of years and that comes with legitimacy. Print is still the highest respected medium for award winning artists, scientist and journalists. Ever hear, “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet?” Print is something you invest in, that goes through tested channels in order to become something trustworthy.

3. Print is memorable

Time and time again research has shown that print, because of its physical form holds an audience’s attention longer than digital. Audiences are exposed to thousands of ads a day online and flipping through them becomes second nature. Where digital is a race for information, print allows one to slow down, focus on the page in front of them and absorb the information.

4. Print is lasting

Unlike ads online or product piece online a beautiful piece of print collateral makes people physically hold on to it and refer back if needed and that may result in multiple readings. E-mail and spam can be a place where your marketing efforts can get stuck, putting something in someone’s hand increases the probability ten-fold that it will be read and your brand will be recognized.

5. Print is personal

Think of the differences between a hand written letter in the mail and an e-mail. Personalization is the key to brand awareness as we can see with variable data printing continuing to rise. When someone’s name is written on a piece of mail or a newsletter and if they feel something has been made for them and not mass produced they are more likely to open.