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Common Mistakes Made When Wrapping a Vehicle

After decades of preforming vehicle graphics and wraps we have compiled a master list that includes the 5 most common mistakes businesses make when deciding to have a vehicle wrap or graphic. 

Vehicle wraps and graphics can be extremely beneficial to a business looking to gain access to a large audience they may not have had access to before. Yet, when conceptualizing a wrap with a graphic designer some business can make several mistakes that can be counterproductive for their new advertising venture. And they are more common than you think.

1. Not Including a Clear Logo

If you have a logo, then great! You have the first key ingredient into a successful vehicle wrap. Be careful that your logo stands out and has a simple design (your potential clients are seeing this from a distance and sometimes at a high speed). Make sure you use colors that catch the eye and an icon and a logo for brand recognition.


2. Submitting a Cluttered Design

I have said it before but keeping the most relevant information in your art is going to be the most beneficial. Your audience has as little as 2 seconds to process the information you wish to convey. Put the most relevant information in large type (i.e. phone number, tag line, call to action, etc).

3. Vehicle is Damaged

This is essential if you want your vehicle graphics to last. Vehicles should be clean and free from damage or rust. Ignoring this fact could result in premature peeling and expensive redo’s that cost additional time and money while also keeping your vehicles off the road.

4. Not Going to a Professional

Make sure you are dealing with accredited professionals through a professional printing company. Wraps and graphics are difficult to apply and when done wrong can be expensive to replace. Professionals use the best quality products and techniques and usually guarantee satisfaction for years to come.

5. Overlooking Planning and Logistics

Each day your car is off the road is money wasted. Know that most wraps takes 1-2 days to complete so working around your busiest days is essential. Ask if you can drop off after business hours in order to minimize profits lost.

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