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What Quality Printing Can Say About Your Company


In an age of get it fast and cheap, where business cards can be bought in an instant it may be better to slow down, ask and expert and get a brand that will last and make an impression on your clients that will keep them coming back.

I was at a Business Showcase a couple of months ago and went up to a food vendor to try their delectable cheap printing, AJ Printing and Graphics, Wine Country Signs, Santa Rosa, California, commercial printing, quality printing, marketing materials, posters, brochures, banners, vehicle graphics, large format printing, small printing jobs, digital printing, color printing, offset printing, color printinglooking cupcakes. We entered into a conversation about their business and they asked about mine. As a printer you look at every piece of printed material and have an opinion about it, and these ladies had a surprising opinion about printing as well. They pointed to their banner behind them in distain saying they got it online and it ended up not being the right color and made of a cheap material that looked like they have had it for two years not two weeks.  I agreed. They also handed me some flimsy business cards with not only their logo but that of the printing company they got it from. If I hadn’t met these ladies and was simply judging their business solely on what I was given (an old banner and thin paper business cards, I don’t know if I would have tasted that delicious cupcake. I just couldn’t take them seriously). Needless to say, they had to have everything re-done the right way and ended up spending all together for branding, way more than they had planned.

This is how important it is to really consider who you trust to produce the materials that will soon define your identity as a business owner. Business cards, business signs, vehicle graphics, brochures, posters, manuals, presentation materials are all things that can drive your sales or hurt them. And all too often we have customers come in and have us fix a job that they thought they were getting a good deal on. Most of the time if you buy local, talk to a real expert and do a little research it can go a long way. This rings true with any marketing venture you may dive into. With business signs and events, you are presenting yourself to the business community and make it count because people, in this instance, will judge your business from the outside.

At AJ Printing and Graphics and Wine Country Signs, we have more than 30 year's experience in the printing business and have been long partners with many business like Friedman’s Home Improvement, Graton Resort and Casino, Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce and more and have seen them grow through using the right marketing materials. Call any of our experts today, we can give you a free quote and consult with you about how to achieve your marketing goals. Plus, doesn’t buying local just make more sense?