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What a Vehicle Wraps Can Say and Do For Your Business

What a Vehicle Wraps Can Say and Do For Your Business

You can’t deny that our world is ever more visual. Everyone loves visual content. It is even hard-wired into our brains, so it is essential as a business to take advantage of the visual world as much as possible, by telling your story in the shortest, most visual way. Here are the facts:

  1. Visuals increase retention by 42 percent
  2. The most popular presentations, have an average of 37 more images
  3. Photos pictures and videos get over 100 percent more engagement
  4. The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text
  5. Viewers spend 100 percent more time on pages with visual content
  6. Visuals get 94 percent more views than text based information

Think you need more convincing...

This week we started the project of revamping the Council on Aging, Meals on Wheels vehicles that deliver meals to frail and homebound seniors across the county. The vans started out plain white with only a small worn magnet bearing their name. With the start of their new program, The Noble Spoon, with hopes to fundraise for the underfunded Meals on Wheels program they were in desperate need of a better way to advertise. With their vans on the road most of the day, seven days a week, they were missing out on an opportunity that could gain them great exposure throughout the county. Sporting new vehicle wraps people will be attracted to the bright, colorful design and through graphics they can achieve their branding as well as convey their message with the least possible words.

When looking at a company vehicle wrap it says something about the company. The colors they use, the photos and the tag line all convey a message. Is there food on the van? What does it say? Does it have a photo? All these things should be able to capture their attention within the first 2.8-8 second (which is an average person’s attention span)!

Having a vehicle wrap can convey a whole new message to your potential customers, YOU ARE SERIOUS. Investing in your business and in your marketing efforts shows that you have faith in your abilities and more importantly, in your abilities to succeed and become a larger, more successful business in the years to come. It is all about professionalism and investment and it will show.

Of course, having a great business and keeping up on your marketing plan is essential in business but a vehicle wrap has been said to boost not only acquisition of clients but stick in the minds of those simply driving by, stopped at a stop light or perusing through a parking lot. Your business cannot afford to not be visible in this increasingly visual world. Appeal to the sight of your customers and you may never leave their brains. All you need is to get them in the front door and you can do the rest. Why not start with an inexpensive way to show your, professionalism, creativity and willingness to get out there!

At AJ Printing & Graphics and Wine Country Signs we are specialist in vehicle graphics and wraps and everything printing that can assist you in your marketing needs. We have certified 3M specialist that can achieve any look you want for your next vehicle wrap or graphic. We offer fulfillment and even special deals and discounts for fleets. Call us or visit our website today for more information. You can also check out our gallery of all the vehicle wraps we have done in the past.