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Why Print is Best for Your Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

As a continuation from the blog last week and our emphasis on images, we couldn't get it out of our mind so we decided to draft this unbelievably amazing infographic for you to show you just how fun and appealing they are and of course the topic had to be print, just because we love it so much!

Print is often seen as the enemy in a society that now values “green,” sustainable and recyclable. But that is a common (and frankly hurtful) misconception. Paper is all those things and the print industry is even more. Not only is the print industry committed to renewing natural resources and harvesting trees, there is power in print. As the world moves online where relationships are formed, discussions had, videos viewed and blogs read it almost seems obsolete to have print as part of a marketing budget. But we did some digging and found the opposite is true.


So the moral of the story? Print should be integrated into your marketing efforts for health and effectiveness reasons and well it's good for the environment. With people seeing thousands of images a day in advertisements, on TV and on their computer screens it is nice to cut through the clutter and give someone something they can hold in their hands, feel, smell and keep, sometimes for a lifetime.