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5 Amazing Promotional Material Tips and Tricks That Are Sure To Make An Impression

We've got your Halloween treats covered with this next one...

Recently, I got the idea for this blog after a colleague of mine got really excited over some post-it notes that came on a mini-wooden crate (this is certainly something only someone in the printing industry would be ecstatic about) but it got my mind turning about how businesses can make that kind of impact on customers and the public. First, this company knew that its customers would appreciate it based on their niche. Second, they sent it for free and put their name on the post-it notes. And third, when my colleague ran out? He called wanting more and they delivered.

But, not every company that gives away promotional materials gets this reaction, but that it what we hope for, right? So no matter your industry, you can tailor these 5 amazing promotional material tips toward your customers and hopefully have them calling for more.

  1. Try to stay on the small and cheap side at first, most return on investment (ROI) doesn’t come easy or fast at first. Think about something that your customer will use every day. For example, I was outside at an all-day event and Exchange Bank offered us tissues, sunscreen and hand sanitizer that had their logo and I think I still have it in my purse.
  2. Know what your customers want. This can come from experience or old fashioned conversation. For me, everyone loves coasters, notepads, and pens. Things they can keep on their desk or they use frequently. If you own a surf shop, give away little balls of wax with your name on them. Are you a restaurant? How about mugs or pint glasses? These small but relatively nice items are going to have them pining for more and choosing your establishment over others.
  3. If I’ve said it once I said it a million times, give something they will use, they will keep and that others, in turn, will see. My favorite example of this was at a weekend festival. It was hot, and everyone was getting sprayed with water to cool down. Pretty soon, it got cold and everyone was heading back to their campsite from an unfortunate wind that magically appeared. Until, an organic gardening company started throwing T-shirts into the crowd. An hour later the whole festival had some variation of their logo on their person, brilliant.
  4. If you can, make it personal. I always reference the Coca-Cola campaign because, well, they nailed it! People love the sound of their own name, it is the most precious word in the dictionary. So use it. Put their favorite animal, their name, their companies name, their industry, whatever you can find out about them include it into your promotional items and they will be sure to keep them. I know, my name is Michaela, rare, and if anything has my name on it, I am certainly not letting it go.
  5. I know I said before, to start small and cheap, but if you are ready to graduate and really make an impression, invest a little more to come up with something beautiful. Something that they can keep all year long, or maybe longer (like that T-shirt I still have in my drawer, or that calendar from my favorite clothing store). As printers, we have all the paper and technology at our disposal and we love creating calendars, desk calendars, mousepads and pens. These kind of materials stay in from of your customer all year long and even adding some interactivity like a sticker or a game can send it over the top that could make your next big client, your biggest fan.