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Which Point-of-Sale Displays Are Best For Your Business?

Point-of-sale displays are essential for any consumer packaged goods (CPG) business, wine or consumer targeted business, whether this be in your own local store or in retail stores across the country. How they are designed says another thing, whether those people will buy your product, interact with it and keeping buying. It is just another way to represent and solidify for brand to your target consumer.

We don’t want to throw any numbers at you this early, but it is essential to know (as I am sure you do as a consumer yourself) that 70 percent of purchase decisions are made in store. So first, as a business, it is essential to have point-of-sale displays but also have one that catches their attention.

We have some suggestions for your next creative approach to your next point-of-sale display. We did a little research and found that some work better than others. And you may not know.

One of our favorite point-of-sale displays are floor decals that can be placed in front of the rack where your product is set up in the store. This gives someone an inherent desire to stand in front of your product. Once the floor decal was put in place the percentage of people who stopped at that display increased by 280 percent! Additionally, that same study found that people stopped longer and sales increased by 16 percent after the point-of-sale display was installed.

Whether you’re thinking your next point-of-sale display as a totem pole, a counter display, dump pins or a detailed free standing theatre it is essential to get your customer to interact with your product. Offer an incentive like a coupon, or a call-to-action where they can go to your website and view a video or receive a free gift. Maybe if they weren’t so convinced in the store you have enticed them to do more and they may love your product and be coming back for more.

Appeal to their senses, meaning, attract their eyes with bright colors, and contrasting text, make a bold design, put your product front and center and make sure they are sure to stop.


Show how your product works and is something they can’t pass up. Whether this be with illustrations, a video or a short story make sure you are giving off this feeling that your customer will be better off by buying this product (i.e. they will be happier, healthier, smarter, more in love, etc.)

Make it personal. The more you target your audience and speak to them the more they will be willing to keep buying your product by attaching a sense of self to your branding ideals. This idea comes with the idea of your brand, who are you and who do you plan to appeal to, then put all of that into your point-of-sale display.

All-in-all your point-of-sale display should hook the customer from the start, make them interact, and if they don’t buy right away you should have make a lasting impression. They should take you home, whether it is a coupon, a website or a fun game they played, point-of-sale products can enter the lives of a consumer unlike that of anything else.

So next time instead of just creating a sign, or skipping the point-of-sale display altogether, take a little more thought, ask us even and we can design a great marketing tool that will be sure to increase your brand awareness and marketing goals.

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