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6 Print and Sign Materials Every Business Needs

We recently took a survey among our customers, wondering how important print and signage is to them and their overall marketing efforts. We found that over 80 percent said that it was “Very Important,” while the remaining few said it was “Important.” Surprised? We aren’t, because the reliance on print is something we have known all along, even with the move to output marketing and a more “hands-off” approach to marketing strategies. So why is print and signage something that is essential to any marketing budget and business for that matter? Well, simply put, we are a culture of visual communication and most of us learn and retain information faster when we have something tangible in our hands. Ever printed out an e-mail when you could have just read it on your screen, or went to the library for a book you could have bought on your Kindle? Yea us too.

But the fact is that every business needs print and signage in order to be successful no matter your industry. From food to construction, medical or specialty products in order to order materials, get recognized on the street, network or simply present your products you need print in order to do that. So we compiled a list of print and signs we have seen over the years that have made our clients extremely successful in their field.

  1. 1.      Product flyers/Brochure

This will vary with each business but yes, you need something that is attractive and tangible that you can show your clients. It makes it easier for you and them. Plus it can show price points, contact information and examples of products/services that can give them a better understanding of what you offer.

  1. 2.      Business Cards

Even in the age of cell phones business cards convey a sense of professionalism and seriousness and are essential when networking as a quick unobtrusive way to give information. We have also seen some people have a services card (a little bigger than a standard business card) that gives a summary of what they offer in addition to a business card.

  1. 3.      Business Sign

Well this could be a duh move, except most businesses wait till the last minute before they open or never get a quality sign made (picture the business with banners up past their year anniversary). Putting the extra effort in can really attract people to your business and set you apart from your competition.  It is the first thing customers see so make sure it matches your brand and your message, so they will continue to remember it once they leave.

  1. 4.      Window decals

Take advantage of all the real estate in your space by putting a website, phone number, slogan or services on your windows. Make sure they are easy to see from a distance (large and legible type) and remain simple (uncluttered) enough to read if someone was driving by.

  1. 5.      Vehicle graphic

If your company has a vehicle it is essential to get window graphics, vehicle graphics or a full wrap in order to take advantage of yes, once again, all the real estate you have. This is just another opportunity to brand yourself and gain exposure that you could be missing out on. Watch a video here of a vehicle graphic installation.

  1. 6.      Stationary and business forms

Sending out thank you notes? A correspondence or an invoice? Filling out an order form? All those things are essentials that keep your business running day to day because sprinting to your old HP printer isn’t going to cut it, unless you have a letterpress in your basement (which would be awesome and we should be friends). Printing is a stress-free way to utilize your time and capital in order to maintain your professional look and reputation you have worked hard for.


Of course, this list could be infinite for some businesses including, event signs, banners, stickers, product tags, beer collars, product labels, but of course every business varies, what’s best is having the basics so your business looks professional and runs that way as well.

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