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Print Could Be Your Next Bright Idea

What do you think of when you think of printing? I know that what probably pops into your mind first is your home HP printer and how much it frustrates you when it jams one simple document. Or maybe that is me. Most business owners think of business forms, brochures, booklets and manuals. All the things that keeps their business running day to day and keeps their customer informed of their services and products. Most would not think that printing (and signs in our case) can be a huge asset to your company and can be a large part of marketing your business. And it could be your next bright idea.


Over 85 percent of our customers, when asked in a poll, stated that printing services are a “very important” part of their overall marketing efforts with most of these answers coming from large, successful companies like Friedman’s Home Improvement, Alvarado Street Bakery and Sonoma County Ag Preservation. Over the years, these companies used their budgets wisely in order to get the most out of their printing and signs (and most often effective marketing campaigns that utilize print are relatively inexpensive). For example, recently Alvarado Street had us construct a retail point of sale structure for their local products, which ads something extra to their product and certainly attracts the eye of the customer to them instead of the other product. Friedman’s has us print their advertisements as well as their signs and although these ideas may seem basic, they work and work well.

For now, I am speaking to the masses and each business is different, has a different audience, branding as well as message so what works for one may fail for the other. Yet, print is something that has been proven to make a difference in the lives of consumers and businesses (in a marketing sense). According to Demand Media, “In the 21st century, print media continues to play a major role in influencing consumer decision making,” and according to Print Industry News, “deep reading (which is only acquired with print) requires a text that doesn't allow the reader to become distracted, and this slow style of reading is encouraged by books and text on paper, according to PRI. Meaning, people pay attention and retain more in print than in digital media (although that is something that is essential to your marketing efforts as well). Another excerpt from this article: “Using paper keeps brains on task and also, according to The Financial Times, encourages children and adults to read more. The Internet has influenced many to read in a more scattered way, but the printing industry can encourage deep reading and the benefits of paper documents over screens.”


Using a combination of print and digital media will be most beneficial in your marketing plan. So if you have not factored items like promotional materials, vehicle wraps, product flyers, banners, stationary, building signs, direct mail (I could go on and on) into your plan, you are missing your next big idea. And we have it for you here at AJ Printing & Graphics and Wine Country Signs. Not only are we experts in the printing industry but also marketing and design (finally a place to can get everything). If you want to incorporate print into your business, just ask us and we can come up with some ways (brilliant ones we might add) to kick start your turn to the print side.

AJ Printing & Graphics and Wine Country Signs is a commercial printer in Santa Rosa, California specializing in the print and sign industry. We put our relationships with our clients over everything in order to ensure their success. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, leave the printing to us and focus on other things. We are a green business, recycling all of our paper and buying from trusted businesses that commit to the sustainability of our planet. We are your partner in print, design and marketing located at 1315 North Dutton Ave, Santa Rosa, CA (707) 525-8600!