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5 Things All Company Letterheads Need: It’s the Law!

We bet you don’t know that you need certain information on your company letterhead in order to stay on the right side of the law. But you do. It is important not only for the obvious reasons but for your business, your brand and your sanity.

1. All that legal stuff

We won’t get into all the legal mumbo jumbo that could send your head crashing to your desk in boredom but there is some nitty gritty we need to get through in order to reach the fun stuff (but tis’ life).

There are three types of businesses categories yours must fall under; either sole trader, partnership or limited company. We are positive you know which one you are and there are requirements for each.

For a sole trader, if you are using a business name all you are required to include is your full business name and address.

If you are a partnership, all invoices, letterheads, receipts and basically every communication needs to include all the partners’ names and the main business address. If in the case there are too many partners to fit on one letterhead, you can include a site where the list can be found.

If you are a limited company you have the most to do. First, all of your stationary needs the full registered name of the company, the company number and place of registration and company address. If you are VAT registered you need to include that reference number. Although not a legal requirement, if you choose to include owners, directors or partners on the letterhead, all must be included. If you are exempt from using the word “limited” include that fact.  Using other points of contact is always great for establishing your brand including phone number, website, e-mail addresses and even social media handles.

Other requirements for non-profits: If you are a charity and it states it in your business name you must then mention you are a charity.

If you are solely an investment company that detail must be mentioned as well.

Now that all you letterheads and documents are legal, let’s get into the fun stuff, the things you can do to stand out and make an impression with your letterhead.

2. Logo

Make sure to include you logo and get it in full color to make it consistent throughout all your marketing pieces. Your logo should be something your clients and community recognize as your own, in order to make them remember they must see it, ON EVERYTHING.

3. Continuity

Make sure your business cards, envelopes and letterheads all match and can be recognized as coming from the same company. This is great for branding and it will cause you to find a printer you can achieve all these things with (so as to make it easier on you). We keep logos and colors on file so re-ordering is easy and comes with no surprises.

4. That great feeling

Printing on regular 70lb stock is okay but spicing it up a little with say an 80lb letter can make you stand out from the others and really get people to enjoy holding that correspondence in their hands. We recommend a linen classic natural white by Neenah paper (

5. Something extra

We always get excited when something comes in that is out of the ordinary and we are sure if you can excite us you can excite your clients. Think about adding some embossing or foil paper to make your logo really stand out. To add something really different think about die-cutting your logo out of the paper. All great ideas that could add to your already successful business. Going with the latest in printing technology could mean the difference between someone remembering your name or tossing it in the trash.

If you need help with your letterhead including design or consultation to discuss your options further, you can reach us at the number below. Thanks for reading!

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