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Counter Display with Brochure Holder for Mendocino Forest Products

Here at Wine Country Signs in Santa Rosa, we are proud to say that we get a lot of repeat business. Why? Because we always do our best to give exceptional service and return the best finished product possible, whether it be signs, banners, vehicles wraps and graphics, posters, or one of our other numerous services.

Some of you may not know that Wine Country Signs is actually just one of two divisions at our company. The other division, AJ Printing & Graphics, handles all the small format/commercial printing. This collaboration of signage and commercial printing makes us a one stop shop for handling all of your marketing and visual communication needs.

One of our recent projects was an existing client of our company and we were happy to work with them again. Mendocino Forest Products has ordered all sorts of different projects from us since 2011. We have done flyers, banners, magnetic bin labels, booklets, photo boards, business cards, sales binders, and more for their company. We love when our clients take advantage of our wide range of services like Mendocino Forest Products did, ordering products of different materials and different sizes. You can learn about some of our past projects on our blog or see pictures in our gallery.

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This time around we were assigned the task of creating a counter display with a brochure holder. We started by making a poster for the main display, creating an easel, and printing brochures. For the main display we used PVC, a durable material that is great for printing. At Wine Country Signs we often use PVC for our Flatbed printed images since the material looks great with print. If you are unsure whether your business could benefit from professional looking signs, take a look at our FAQs page for more information on how signs can help your business.

Printing brochures is one of the many services we excel at here through our commercial printing division, AJ Printing & Graphics. The brochures were 4 3/8” x 11.5” and looked great! The easel to hold the display was made out of 12” tall white double wing 45pt cardboard, the perfect height to hold the sign. The easel back attached securely to the PVC poster display with adhesive.

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Acrylic Brochure Holder

After creating the PVC display, easel, and brochures, we had to figure out the best way for the display to hold the brochures. This was the trickiest part of the project since we needed to come up with something that looked good and didn't throw off the balance of the display. After some research we decided an acrylic brochure holder that we could tape onto the printed PVC display stand would be best. With the easel fitted to the back, the brochure holder worked perfectly and the poster display was very stable.

Here at Wine Country Signs in Santa Rosa we would like to once again express how happy we are for our repeat clients. We love helping businesses with their professional signs, banners, graphics, and more. If you're considering a sign for your business, take a look at our fonts or upload your graphics to our site. And don't miss out on your very own free 6 page website when you spend $400 with us. We would love to hear from you!