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How Your Maketing Schedule Should Reflect "Quality Over Quantity"

As marketing professionals, we are constantly hearing it again and again- one of the fastest ways to turn a prospective client into someone that will probably never do business with you in the future is to contact them too often in too short of a period. People do not like being bombarded with marketing materials- it makes them feel overwhelmed and can be dissuading. Despite this fact, quality is still important, you want to always keep your brand at the forefront of their minds. Contacting too frequently can give the perception that your materials lack quality, however, which is why finding that equilibrium between the two is crucial.

The Google of It All

Search engine giant Google has made a number of significant changes to its algorithm in recent years, as you may know. First and most noticeably with Panda in 2011. These update have regularly been designed to penalize low-quality sites that spam the Internet with content, weeding them out of the top portions of search results to be replaced with sites that are actually relevant to what Google's users are actually looking for. Despite this, Google still places a high priority on sites that update regularly. A site that posts blog's daily is seen as more authoritative than on that only posts once a month.

So what, exactly, is this trying to tell us when it comes to quality versus quantity?

The answer is simple: while both are important, your marketing campaigns need tobe crafted with an on relevance and value first, with CONTENT BEING KING (we know you have heard that phrase before), everything else second. Period. Finito. Done. Google's own representatives have said over and over that the search engine is designed in such a way that so long as you are constantly putting well-designed, high-value content out into the world, everything else will essentially take care of itself. We're inclined to agree, but we're willing to take it further into the realm of print because not everything begins and ends with Google, or so we think.

Take This With You Into The Print World

Though Google's stance on quality versus quantity exists in the digital world, it's still great knowledge to take with you crafting your print marketing materials and your cross-marketing campaigns. By taking the rules and guidelines Google has given us and using them across your marketing platforms, you're building a stronger foundation that you can go forward on when pursuing both potential and existing customers. 

Essentially, just because you won't get penalized through SEPO by Google for sending someone a print flyer through the mail twice a week doesn't mean you should. Google's rules are built on a tremendous amount of study into customer preferences and buying habits. The platform nd playing field may change but the principle has not. Google spend a lot of money figuring out for example, that Kenny from New Jersey doesn't like it when businesses send him low-value materials twice a week, so take advantage of what Google is trying to tell you.

Frequency in marketing is always a tricky balancing act. Quantity is important, as making contact too infrequently can cause your brand to be forgotten too easily, even by the most loyal of customers. You should never place emphasis on quantity over quality, you could always be creating useful relevant content over more, more, more. If you can focus on creating the best marketing content that you can, everything else will fall into to place.

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