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Repurpose and Reuse: Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing Content


It is all too common for marketers to look at content as “one and done.” Meaning you spend boatloads of time and money designing and curating content and picking the right print materials and sending it to all the right people never to think about it again.


A high-quality piece of content will remain a high-quality piece of content. It is a shame that we can write these pieces off so quickly, especially with just a few, simple techniques you can increase your overall return beyond what you ever imagined. In order to repurpose and reuse, which will guarantee you get the most mileage out of your marketing content, keep these tips in mind.

Repurpose Whenever You Can

It isn’t a secret that creating high-quality, original content from scratch is not only expensive but time-consuming. However, it becomes a problem that marketers are creating for themselves an industry where every last piece of information has to be wholly original from the top down (now we are not advocating this be a large part of your marketing technique but when possible, squeeze as much as you can out of every little drop of content). Sometimes repurposing a piece of older content is a great way to get a more back from what you put in, and it can help fill some holes in your editorial strategy.

For example, your podcast or webinar was a smash success. That content and ideas do not die once the podcast or webinar has aired. Take the notes and comments from that podcast and turn it into a slideshow on your website or a later Q & A. You can also send out a direct mail flyer after the fact to share the ideas/innovations talked about in the webinar.

“You get the additional traction and ROI of building FROM original content instead of creating from scratch every time.”

 Redistribution: Using Changes to Your Advantage

Consider how thing in your marketing strategy, your industry or marketing as a whole has changed since the time you posted a social media post, aired that webinar or made that banner. For example, maybe a tweet you posted was hugely successful but now a new social media network is more of your prevalent platform (like Instagram or Pinterest). Make a few key adjustments and your old piece could be ready for a brand new audience with brand new traction.

Same can be said about repurposing marketing materials in the print world as with digital marketing pieces and vice versa. Use your brochure, informational flyer or direct mail piece and use it as a framework for a new blog post. You will see the benefit of increasing your longevity of the original content (and ROI, fingers crossed) and you will move across platforms, so to appeal and expose yourself to a whole new audience.

Maybe after reading this you can stop thinking about content marketing as “disposable” and more like a recyclable can that can be used for different things and in different ways. After all, a good piece of content is a good piece of content-period. By recycling, reusing and redistributing you can stretch the value of your content, save some much needed time and hopefully get more out of your marketing.

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