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Balance Financial Fitness Wall Graphic Installation

Last week we completed a fun and amazing project at Balance Financial Fitness Program, a financial wellness provider based throughout the Bay Area with locations in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Oakland and now in Concord. Balance and designer Sheree Kamler of SC Designs is a returning customer that we have completed work for in our hometown of Sonoma County. With a recent logo change (which turned out absolutely fresh and design forward, see the comparison below), they refreshed their website as well as their offices with a new wall graphic in their Concord location designed by Sheree. This addition to their offices helped with their branding concept and we were excited to help.


Armed with our team of expert installers, this jobs’ sidekick (the Batman to our Robin) was 3M IJ 40 Intermediate Flat over laminate for flat graphics, which, simply put, is the best vinyl graphic material in the industry, easily applicable and can stand the test of time. The installation took several hours in order to make sure the design was straight and did not have any air bubbles. Working around corners was the most challenging part of the job, but without avail, our installation extraordinaire pulled it off without mishap and the graphic looks flawless, almost as if it is part of the wall itself.

Balance offers debt and budget counseling, credit report reviews, student loan counseling, homeownership counseling and more. They are a non-profit sect of the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Santa Francisco (CCCSSR) and have been in business, amazingly, for 45 years! To learn more about Balance, their services and programs, click here.

This wall graphic will keep the Balance brand in front of their team and clients for years to come thanks to the concept from SC Designs. Using consistency and size, their new logo is bound to stick in the minds of all those that pass through their halls. In terms of branding, this concept was a “hole-in-one,” and we can see that Balance used their wall graphics to their advantage, utilizing all their available real estate. Many top organizations are grasping this concept including Adobe, Facebook and Google who wisely put their logo, mission statement and/or company tag line in order to stick in minds of those who view it, including their employees (plus it just looks really cool). Click here to see more creative wall graphics.  We have also completed a similar project with Medtronic with stair graphics for their employees to forever gaze upon their company morals.

Interested in beefing up your office or branding strategy? We have decades of experience and can help you decide on a strategy that is right for your company.

To contact Sheree at SC Designs click here. 

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