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How to Connect with Millennials: Direct Mail


A generation brought up in the world of technology and computers, those that are now running San Francisco tech companies and developing your new favorite app are actually turning, looking and listening to an unexpected medium: direct mail. As this generation becomes a larger part of the voting and consumer population, new studies are showing their shift away from the digital realm into a platform less cluttered and more tangible. A new study by the US Postal Service and the American Association of Political Consultants shows that millennials not only pay attention to direct mail but immediately open their mail and look forward to opening up the mailbox (as more bills and communication are online). They also prefer mail over other advertisements and are more likely to read, discuss and take action from these types of advertisements. So you ask why? Unsolicited mail seems more personal to this generation that feels as if cold e-mails and spam are the worst irritants in the world. Mail with their name on it, now that is personal and now a days, special.

Just in time for election season, this study combs over how millennials react to political mail but what about direct mail for a restaurant, a hardware store or a gym? Don’t think you should be listening to the next fact? Well, millennials are at the age group of 19-36, meaning more than half of them are married and having kids and they have the consumer spending power you are looking to gain. So listen. Ninety percent of millennials think direct mail is reliable and 57 percent have made a purchase based on a direct mail offer, Say what?! Keep in mind most millennials say they are more visually stimulated so design and color matter too, and not to mention what products you use: 89 percent of millennials say they are more likely to buy from companies that are supportive of a certain social issue, so use that recycled paper (and mention it too).

Despite all this mind-blowing hard evidence, millennials still are technology driven individuals, so using mail alone won’t do the trick. So, as a smart marketing individual (or as we like to say “smarketer”), integrate your digital advertising into your direct mail by providing a way they can learn more, receive a prize or coupon or get involved. You want to intrigue them enough to make them fling out their Macbook and seek you out online. Try and integrate humor as well, comedy shows are the most highly watched among millennials, so capturing their generation with a pun is sure to win their hearts.

For example, one millennial said (taken from the USPS survey):

“Not only did the color scheme instantly grab me but they made references to Britney Spears, so instantly I’m going to gravitate more towards that and read more about what they’re tying it to.”

You can never go wrong with a little Britney Spears reference.

All in all it seems as though millennials are a group of varied tastes using every possible avenue to stay informed. Now you may think this makes your job harder, but in fact more diverse. Make a connection, add a dash of humor and creativity and your product/service can surpass its goals.

If you want to read more about these surveys, you can look at the USPS Postal Survey and these articles including Don’t Hide in the Bushes: How to Use Direct Mail to Target Millennials and Direct Mail Marketing to Millennials.

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