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Beef Up Your Sales Team With These 3 Expert Tips

We’ve all seen it, and some of us have felt it, the struggle to land the sale, to finally get that meeting with your dream client, and turn weeks, months and maybe years of hard work into a success that finally pays off. The process is expensive, time-consuming and sometimes frustrating because rarely does that lunch meeting end in the solid take home prize: the sale.

Leaving a meeting without that signed contract is something like fingernails on a chalkboard for a sales rep but alas the days of hardline sales techniques are gone. So once you leave that lunch how do you stay in their minds and keep the conversation when you are no longer face-to-face (besides your undeniable charm)? The answer has been proven time and time again with its effectiveness: keep in touch by putting creative and attention getting print sales collateral in their hands and on their minds.

With the right marketing materials, sales reps can leave something behind that will act as a shining light and remind your potentials that they should “buy, buy, buy.”

Now most may believe that leaving a business card or brochure behind might do the trick, but your attractive brochure and special card stock business card may end up as a coaster for you potential client’s daily lattes. We gave gathered the three best techniques from the best in the industry in order to close that sale for good.

Case Studies

Doing a little research goes a long way, and showing that you did the research will go further than any See’s candy box.

What is your potential client’s greatest challenge before purchasing your product or service?

How can the client implement your product or service?

How the client’s challenge went away or was reduced by implementing your product or service?

These three questions are a good rule of thumb when thinking about you brand and how it can add value to your potential client’s business instead of just listing your services/products. Numbers, money and time-savings are always effective persuasion to include.


People trust a business if it has a good reputation within the community and with digital forums like Yelp and survey programs these are easily targeted and used. Relaying to your potential clients that you can make a difference in their lives through your product or service just like you did with you past clients is a shoe-in for that listening ear you’ve been working so hard on.


Nothing says, “Trust us” like someone else saying, “Trust them!”


The Sales Page

We took this next tip from Sales and Marketing Strategist Walter Wise and we would like to pass on the wisdom, he says that successful marketing message use the “Marketing Equation of Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer.” This concept is simple, yet effective and we have used it (and of course seen it be born through our printers) effectively.

Interrupt: Main headline, designed to interrupt you prospect’s attention

Engage: Sub-headline, meant to keep prospects interest and get them to keep reading

Educate: this is where you solve your client’s problems with your product/service

Offer: Call-to-action, or something else with low-risk for the clients like a whitepaper, free e-book, report, etc.(something that says you are an industry leader and you’re a smart cookie)

Bringing it All Together

It goes without saying that all of your materials should be printed on high-quality paper stock and designed by a professional graphic artist so that the materials are aesthetically pleasing. Too much text and low-quality graphics can be an instant turn-off regardless of the quality of your product.

Have your sales reps present the documents to the prospect in a snazzy, branded folder that will catch your prospect's attention when the rep leaves, and one that will beg them to open it up and read what’s inside.

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