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Comic-Con Postcard Book for Charles Schulz

With Comic-Con over last week, we were excited to see the aftermath and the crazy costumes that come with the much anticipated event. So, we thought it only appropriate to showcase a project we did for Comic-Con for an iconic organization, Charles Schulz Creative. This project was exclusively sold at Comic-Con and cannot be purchased in any other venue. We thought we would mention that right away so you don’t get too attached!

This “Color your own…Peanuts Postcard” came into our hands with a bunch of excitement because it is right up the alley of a mini adult coloring book (nostalgia anyone)? You can color each postcard individually with personality, write your message, and send it off to someone special. This project was creatively drawn in the Charles Schulz studios by their house artist and features all original drawings not by Schulz himself, unfortunately, but we think they do a great job at keeping the Peanuts spirit alive.


For this project we printed the 120# matte cover on our digital press, then it was scored twice and folded. The black and white postcards were then double taped inside. The postcards were printed on 111# Soporset Cover. The process of assembling this project was more complicated than most, requiring multiple steps by our bindery department. There were several steps of cutting and collating, and then the postcards were glued together and attached with double stick tape to the inside cover. This project is a great marketing piece because it offers something of value while also encouraging the interaction of the customer.  The project turned out amazing and we were happy to be a part of such a tremendous company and a fun event. We even had a little fun coloring in one of the postcards ourselves.

If you would like to know more about Schulz Creative, click here.

At AJ Printing & Graphics and Wine Country Signs we assemble all types of projects similar to this in our bindery department, from the folding of a brochure to the intricate stitching of a company presentation. Take a look at other projects we have done and get started on an effective marketing piece that will stand out in your customers’ mind. 

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