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Stage Backdrop for Graton Resort & Casino

If you're in the market for an amazing backdrop for your event, look no further! At Wine Country Signs in Santa Rosa we pride ourselves on being a one stop shop. We do everything in our power to make your project a success and to make your job easier. Whether you're looking for signs, backdrops, banners, decals, or gallery Graton Resort & Casino, Rohnert Park, California, Sonoma County, Removable Decals, MDO, changeable signs, sign installation, printing companies, casino, mini cooper giveaway, graphic design trade show signs, we would love to help you out. We have not only created and printed many of our client's projects, but we have designed them as well. We are skilled in the entire sign-making process from conception to completion.

We were excited to be able to use our expertise once again on a project for Graton Resort & Casino. We have done multiple projects for them in the past including window decals and both temporary and permanent indoor signs. This time we were commissioned to help with an interchangeable stage backdrop. Graton Resort & Casino has interactive events with special winnings that are updated on a monthly basis, and they needed a new backdrop for each month.

Removable Decals on MDO

The original stage the casino constructed couldn't be decorated and changed each month, so we came up with a great solution. The team here at Wine Country Signs decided that rather than creating and replacing the entire stage backdrop each month, the easiest solution would be to find a printable material that our installation crew could remove and replace quickly at the start of each monthly promotion.

Graton Resort & Casino, Rohnert Park, California, sonoma County, removeable decals, cash giveaway, casino, printing company, Wine Country Signs, AJ Printing & Graphics, Transit vinyl, MDO, digital printing, graphic designWe weighed our options and decided to use decals applied to MDO. MDO, or Medium Density Overlay, is a smooth plywood product you can read more about in a recent blog of ours. The decals were made of removable IJ36 Transit Vinyl with over-lamination. IJ36 Transit Vinyl is a changeable vinyl film great for short term use, and the over-lamination is a second layer of clear vinyl pressure sensitive used to protect the print surface from abrasion and sun damage. Over-lamination comes with a gloss, matte, or semi-matte finish and can be used to make the surface of a print less reflective in indoor settings like the stage at Graton Resort & Casino. The IJ36 Transit Vinyl with over-lamination conformed well to the even-textured MDO face of the backdrop. Take a look at some of our other blogs to learn about previous projects we have completed and learn about the variety of materials we use.

sign installation, AJ Printing and Graphics and Wine Country Signs, Rohnert Park, California, Sonoma County, vinyl decals, Removeable Decals, digital printing, Graton Resort and Casino, cash giveaways, graphic services, graphic designAs you can see from the pictures, our installation team has been in multiple times to change out the stage backdrop. This is an ongoing project that we have greatly enjoyed doing and we appreciate being able to work with Graton Resort & Casino in the long-term. We love repeat business because it means that we're doing our job well! We here at Wine Country Signs in Santa Rosa would love to help you with your sign needs as well. If you are in need of a backdrop of your own, a vehicle wrap, a building sign, or one of the many other products and services we offer, let us know. We don't want anyone to be scared away from a professional looking sign for their business just because they aren't familiar with the sign-making and design process. Check out our FAQs page for answers to your questions.

Contact us with any additional questions you may have or get a quote from us for your signs, banners, decals, and more. And don't forget that right now if you spend $400 with us on anything you will get a free 6 page website! Take a look at the many services we offer and see how we can help your business flourish.