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What Kind of Distribution Should You Use For Your Print Marketing?

Once their marketing materials are off the press, packed and ready to go, many of our friends and clients struggle with distributing them in an effective way. Whether by direct mail, grassroots marketing or leaflet distribution, they want to ensure their marketing materials are yielding the desired impact without draining the marketing budget. Phew…that is a tall order. So, we did the research for you. When ordering leaflets, brochures or catalogs, what’s the best way to distribute them? We looked into three options: Direct mail (variable data) with USPS, grassroots marketing and leaflet distribution companies.

How can post office direct mail (variable data) can benefit you?

The more mail pieces you send out the better your postage rate will be. This is important to consider when determining whether direct mail will be a cost effective method for your marketing campaign. Occasionally, the post office can be unreliable and expensive depending on the type of materials you are sending out. Sometimes this can cause more work for you and your company by having to create a mailing list and make sure all your materials meet their weight and postage requirements.

The upside of utilizing the post office is that variable data mailings are more personalized and can tailor your promotion or product to a certain demographic, more so than e-mail or any other type of advertising. Additionally, recent studies have discovered that millennials are paying a lot more attention to this type of advertising.

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How can grassroots marketing benefit you?

If you are presenting your marketing materials at a scheduled event or in a target area, you may benefit from distributing these materials yourself.  This strategy is particularly effective for companies that are able to provide the resources and the staff to personally hand out materials in a particular area or at a designated event. In certain cases, it may be more cost effective to hire a marketing company to deliver your materials. Be mindful that many companies require a minimum dollar amount to send or distribute information- so make sure to crunch your numbers first. But if your goal is to advertise to a target group or in a limited area and you have the resources to personally reach out, take it to the streets!

How can hiring a leaflet distribution company benefit you?

Leafleting is the most cost effective form of marketing for certain businesses.

Try to include or code or special so you can track how cost effective and responsive your leaflets generate.

Leafleting allows for a face-to-face interaction between your hopeful customers and the distribution service deliverer (so make sure to pick a company that has success and respectable and knowledgeable people). This can lead to feedback about your service or marketing campaign you would not otherwise be able to gather.

Distribution and delivery of leaflets and catalogs can save you a lot of hassle and can even provide you with some statistics that traditional post office distribution cannot. Depending on the delivery area, some companies can tailor a mailing list perfect for your campaign and ensure each of your leaflets, door hangers or catalogs gets to its intended destination.

Leafleting also allows for possible face-to-face interactions between potential customers and delivery service representatives. This can lead to instantaneous feedback about your service, product or overall marketing campaign that you would not otherwise be able to gather from a mass mailing. 

Most distribution companies also help you with a schedule that is most effective for your campaign. In some cases, sending a leaflet or catalog may be less beneficial than a routine circulation of your particular sales and services. Be advised that most distribution companies will have a minimum distribution schedule (i.e. 1,000 pieces twice per year).

You may be offered discounts for larger mailing quantities or if you pre-sort your mail. Price breaks may also apply if you use machine-readable barcodes or OCR fonts (ask us about this with your next campaign and we can set you up).

Regardless of the method or frequency of leaflet distribution, we recommend including a code or reference number to each advertisement in order to productively track marketing trends and cost efficacy.

If you decide to use outside leaflet distributors, ensure that you employ trustworthy people who will deliver every leaflet to every house in a manner that reflects well on your business.

Here are a few distribution sites in the Sonoma County area:

Your Daily Staple 

World Wide Flyer 

We would be pleased to help with your next marketing push and refer you to a trusted distribution service. 

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